Crazy Dreams..

“Thank God even crazy dreams come true” – Carrie Underwood


So guys, it happened!!

The invites started going out for Carrie Underwood’s fan club party at the Grand Ole Opry today….


I got one!!!

Seriously I can’t even describe how badly I lost my mind when I saw the email come through! This has just sweetened my Nashville trip even more. I had a wish list of artists I wanted to see in the CMA Fest line up; and out of that list Carrie was literally the only one missing from the line up. The fact that I now get to go and see a private performance from┬áher at the Opry means that I’ll literally see every single one of my favourite artists in Nashville. This trip could not get any better!

Also this happened today and I nearly DIED!!!


It always makes me feel happy when they see our tweets about them when they’re so busy. This just made my day! ­čÖé

Also I highly recommend you check out their new video for ‘Happy People’ – guaranteed to make you smile!

See ya next time!

Bel xo